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Knudel – The Pasta Pillow πŸ§€

120.00 / Sold Out

*** we are currently working on a second edition! please get back to us by the end of July. meanwhile check https://www.instagram.com/knudel3000/ for updates. Love, Corinne & Stefanie***

Corinne Schlichting & Stefanie Leinhos
34Γ—34Γ—30cm, nicki fabric, synthetic leather,
washable cover,Β ca. 500g,
Edition of 10, 2021

Have you ever felt a desire to twirl into in a well cooked cellentani and have a nap in it? Well, Corinne and I certainly do! That’s how we ended up fantasizing about this pasta pillow that would combine the joke of a gigantic grouchy noodle with the warmth and comfort only a good meal can provide.

Knudel is made from a super soft yellow nicki fabric (cellentani style) and a cosy fluffy filling. You can gently wash it by hand. Every Knudel is handmade in Berlin. Production can take between 2–4 weeks, depending on the number of orders we get. Thanks for your patience!

tracked shipping for 20€ worldwide, tracked shipping within Germany for 10€
(please note that due to the pandemic the packages will be sent to the US and Canada via ocean freight. Shipping may take 30-50 days. Shipping to destinations in Asia may take 14 days.)
Corinne Schlichting is a stage and costume designer. She lives and works in Berlin.